Sculptural paintings by Evgenia Ermilova

Clock and paintings in the technique of sculptural paintings in stock.

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sculptural painting by artist Evgenia Ermilova

Artist Evgenia Ermilova

Welcome to my website. My name is Evgenia Ermilova. I am an artist working in the technique of sculptural painting.

I am a professional artist and a designer. I have an artist-colorist education as my first one and I got another higher education in the sphere of fashion design. I live and work in Ivanovo city, Russia.

I had been working in wed-design for a few years and after that I found out what decoupage is and I realized that I could be satisfied with my work only if doing something with my own hands.

We opened a work shop to create the bed trays. But soon we realized that we needed to do something more than just decoupage style. I started to look for the ways to make the table decoration technique more interesting and learnt about the volumetric drawings made with contour.

After that I developed my technology and used that volumetric painting when making the bed trays and I called it a "sculptural art". At the moments, besides the bed trays I make the clocks, the mirrors, draw the paintings and also organize my own sculptural art master classes.